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Find flavour inspiration to feed the grill-and your family-all summer long with our globe-spanning assortment, from full recipes to take-home options to easy flavour inspirations (and a few grilling tips for good measure).

North America

Three North-American-flavoured skewers including one beef, one chicken and one salmon on blue and white and gray plates with water glasses off to the side.

Let's start with the mammoth continent of North America. We've got a skewer featuring your favourite flavours covered, from Cajun spices to Canadian maple syrup to Mexican chilies!

Montreal-Style BBQ Marinade or Three-Pepper Marinade

Sterling Silver® Top Sirloin Beef + Montreal-style BBQ marinade or three-pepper marinade + vegetables

Ready-when-you-are kabobs can be customized for you at our Meat Dept. with any one of our marinade or vegetable options.

South America

The South American-inspired kabobs, one with beef and potato, one potato and garlic, the last pork on blue plates with a bowl of chimichurri to the side.

Heading down to South America-the home of the potato, open-fire barbecuing and cumin-spiced meats served with herb-flecked chimichurri salsas-we bring you skewers that reflect this continent's grilling culture.

Peruvian Beef & Potato Kabobs with Mint Chimichurri

Beef top sirloin + mini yellow-fleshed potatoes + garlic + ground cumin + mint + cilantro + cilantro chili lemon grilling Get the recipe.

Or try our ready-made Sterling Silver® Top Sirloin beef kabobs with our chimichurri marinade from our Meat Dept. that can be customized with any one of vegetable options.


Three kinds of European-inspired kabobs on three different platters: one that’s gray, blue and white with water glasses in the background and a blue napkin.

Grab your plates and fill them with the robust fresh flavours of the Mediterranean, with such countries as Greece, Italy, Spain, and France all represented. Bon voyage!

Greek Meatball Kabobs

Angus beef meatballs + zucchini + red pepper + red onion + Greek dressing + feta cheese Get the recipe.

Pan Pacific

Three Pan-Asian style skewers including chicken, pork belly and shrimp on green-lined platter and a gray platter with orange beverage to one side.

Revel in the umami-bursting flavours of the Pan Pacific region, with recipes ranging from Korean-style BBQ skewers, Thai-inspired curries, and Japanese-style izakaya favourites, all from the comfort of your own grill!

Korean-Style BBQ Marinade

Chicken breast cubes + smoked pork belly + vegetables + Korean-style BBQ marinade

Ready-when-you-are kabobs can be customized for you at our Meat Dept. with any one of our marinade or vegetable options.


Three Caribbean-inspired kabobs including pork and chicken with glazes and pineapple pieces on cream coloured platters with a napkin off to the side.

Turn your backyard, balcony, cottage, or lakeside tent into a Caribbean oasis with these island-friendly flavours. From jerk-style chicken to pork and pineapple skewers, all you have to do is bring the grill!

Chicken and Zucchini Kabobs with Tropical Couscous

Cubed boneless chicken thighs + zucchini + pineapple passion fruit juice + apple cider vinegar + canola oil Get the recipe.


Three kinds of African-inspired kabobs included ground lamb, chicken and beef with crushed peanuts in one dish and lemon wedges off to the side. From the souks of Northern Africa to the earthy spices of the south, Africa has a whole continent of fabulous skewer flavour pairings ready for your grill.

From the souks of Northern Africa to the earthy spices of the south, Africa has a whole continent of fabulous skewer flavour pairings ready for your grill.

Vegan Chickpea Kofta Skewers

Canned chickpeas + red onion + cilantro + garlic + grated ginger + flax seeds + soy sauce + lemon juice + Spirited Mickie Craft Beer Chipotle BBQ Sauce + ground cumin Get the recipe.


Three Indian-inspired kabobs including flaky white fish, chicken and blistered tomatoes with crushed chilis off to the side in a blue dish.

Head straight to your spice cabinet and get ready to bring the flavours of India to your backyard BBQ! From takeout staples like butter chicken and tikka masala to heady vindaloo and smoky Chettinad, this list is your ticket to the spice capital of the world!

Tip: Best enjoyed served with naan bread or flaky paratha (cut into bite-size portions) and a side of mint or coriander chutney. Use mild, medium, or spicy sauce/seasoning options to taste.

Tandoori Chicken

Cubed chicken thighs + tandoori spice paste + beet juice + yogurt + lime juice + Thai red chilies + garlic + grated ginger Get the recipe.

How to cook kabobs on the grill

Whether your favourite kabob is beef, pork, chicken, lamb, or seafood, we've got grilling tips, cooking temperatures, and tasty ideas for you to keep in mind for the best kabobs ever. It's like takeout, only better.

  • Using bamboo skewers? Soak them in water for 30 minutes to avoid flare-ups.
  • Cook on grill at range of 190°C to 230°C (375°F to 450°F).
  • Charcoal grill? Move food closer to or away from hottest coals as needed.

Cooking time for skewers

  1. The timing will vary based on temperature and protein, but eight to 10 minutes is a suitable time to start checking for doneness.
  2. Tip: Have a meat thermometer handy. Safe internal temperatures [hyperlink to Grilling Kabobs 101 article TK] vary for each protein type, and it will give you the best indication of doneness.

How to use marinades

Small cuts of meat and boneless poultry, like you would have for skewers, need just an hour or two to marinate, and very little chunks of meat, vegetables, firm tofu, and tender fish only require up to 30 minutes.

Shellfish such as shrimp should not be marinated for more than 30 minutes; any longer than that and you risk making them tough. Stay food safe by discarding any marinade that has been in contact with raw meat.

Making a marinade without a recipe? Here's how: The basic marinade is a combination of acid, oil, seasonings, and salt, although you can omit the acid if tenderizing isn't the goal. While the proportions are flexible, the basic formula includes one part oil, one part acid, one to two parts seasoning, and salt and pepper to taste. Adjust the ratio of acid to oil depending on how much you want it to break down any toughness in the main ingredient.

For more information on marinades and kabob grilling tips and tricks, visit our How to Grill Kabobs & Skewers 101 article.

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