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Step 1: Sign up for Scene+

Create an account to start earning and redeeming points.

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Step 2: Link your Scene+ card

Unlock exclusive member benefits by linking your Scene+ card to your Safeway account.

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Step 3: Get the Safeway app

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Scene+ rewards

Get ready to earn and redeem Scene+ points at Safeway.

Text Reading 'Turn Points into Groceries. Every 1,000 Scene+ points equals $10 toward your groceries. Redeem anytime in-store.'

Turn points
into groceries

Every 1,000 Scene+ points equals $10 toward your beer, wine, or liquor purchase. Redeem anytime in-store.

Text Reading 'Earn on everyday purchases. Earn on everyday product offers, flyer promotions, and in-store events.'

More ways
to earn

Everyday offers and weekly promotional events to boost your points.

Text Reading 'Save for being a member. Get member pricing and discounts exclusive to Scene+ members.'

Members only

Get member pricing in-store and personalized offers at

In-store or online

or online

Earn and redeem points for groceries in-store or online with Voilà by Safeway.

A Scene+ No-Fee Visa Card icon.

Earn 2X Scene+ Points

With a Scotiabank® Scene+™ Visa* at participating grocery stores. Conditions apply

An airplane icon to signify travel.

So many ways to reward yourself

From shopping to travel to movies and dining, learn where else you can earn and redeem points.

The Scene+ Loyalty Program is available at all participating Safeway locations within Western Canada. No base Scene+ points earned. See weekly offers for current ways to earn Scene+ points and visit to see full Terms and Conditions. All weekly Scene+ offers exclude taxes, delivery charges, bill payments, service fees, rental fees, event tickets, gift cards, fluid dairy products in Atlantic regions, pre-paid cards, postal products and services, McCafe®/Tim Hortons®/Starbucks® products and services in select regions, prescription drugs, non-prescription pharmacy services, liquor and alcoholic beverages, tobacco products, lottery, photo finishing, deposits, environmental charges, fuel and other goods and services which are non-discountable or excluded by law. Redeem 1,000 Scene+ for $10 towards your purchase up to a maximum of 50,000 Scene+ points (equivalent to $500) per day. For full Scene+ Terms & Conditions or to redeem your points, visit All offers are subject to change and may be withdrawn without notice. Trademarks of Scene Plus IP Corporation used under license by Sobeys Capital Incorporated.


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