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Savour Sweet Moments

Compliments Licorice Allsorts or Wine Gums, or cookies from the Sensations Belgian Biscuit Tin ̶ your sweet tooth meets its match.

Warm Welcomes on Hand

From Potstickers to Bacon-Wrapped Scallops, heat and serve bites have never been so easy and scrumptious. All Compliments and Sensations by Compliments Frozen Appetizers are Buy 2, Get 1 Free this holiday season*.

*Excludes frozen meatballs and chicken wings.

Go for a Dip!

Take a dive into flavour with our NEW Compliments Hummus and Labneh Yogourt-Based Dips. Choose from 8 varieties that each offer a unique flavour experience. Perfect for easy entertaining or an afternoon snack.

Just Add the Trimmings

Set your oven for Sensations by Compliments Boneless Turkey Breast Roast. The juicy turkey is filled with Cranberry Stuffing. Simply roast and serve.

Flavour Overload

Deliciously topped and ready to heat, our flatbreads make a convenient side or main course. Just take them home, and bake or grill. Try our newsest flavours: Wild Mushroom with Truffle and Canadian Lobster.

Family Size Savoury Pies

Designed for busy holiday nights, these family-sized favourites are ready to enjoy from our Kitchen.