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The threat of heart disease and stroke is more urgent than ever with an aging population and rising rates of obesity and diabetes.

Our company’s mission is to help Canadians Eat Better, Feel Better and Do Better. We want to use our skills, experience and passion to help Canadians feel better. Did you know that 8 out of 10 cases of premature heart disease and stroke are preventable with a healthy lifestyle? That’s right. 80% of heart conditions are preventable!

We have included below a series of articles, resources and services offered by our pharmacists that will help you keep your heart healthy!

Read on for more helpful information in maintaining your heart health.

Blood Pressure Checkup

How to Maintain a Healthy Heart

Unfortunately, there is no magic bullet or wonder drug that will prevent cardiovascular disease. There are, however, some lifestyle habits that you can adopt to dramatically decrease your chances of developing it.

Living with High Blood Pressure

The best way to prevent high blood pressure, and to manage the condition if you have it, is to make healthy lifestyle choices.


Maintaining a healthy weight is an important step in safeguarding your heart health. But that’s a lot easier said than done, leading many people to try one fad diet or another. There are strategies to managing healthy weight.

Heart Health & Vitamins

There have been quite a few studies that have looked at whether vitamins can help protect your heart health. The results have been mixed; some show benefits while others don’t. Some of the strongest evidence for heart benefits focuses on the B vitamins.

More resources:

Quitting Smoking: Talk to your Safeway Pharmacist for help to quit smoking.

Physical Activity: Public Health Agency of Canada

Nutrition and Healthy Eating: Health Canada

Coping with Stress: Canadian Mental Health Association

Heart Health: Heart and Stroke Foundation Canada

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