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We've got cool drinks, salads and all your BBQ favourites here - but with a fresh new twist!

How to change up your summer BBQ

Serve fresher drinks: Peach-Iced Tea Slush

This icy cross between a mint julep and a whisky sour is an homage to the cool whisky drinks enjoyed on warm evenings spent on the front porch in homes all over bourbon country. Tip: We also have a zero-proof version, so everyone's included.

Freshen up your grillables: Summer Green Sauce

This zesty multi-herb blend brings five green herbs together in a seriously fresh sauce, with lemon and hot pepper flakes adding zesty acidity and heat. Use it as a marinade, in pasta and drizzled over grilled chicken, steaks, and more. It's the ultimate multipurpose sauce for summer.

Refresh your salad game: Stone Fruit Caprese Salad

The season for Canadian-grown stone fruit is short but special, so make sure to celebrate it at as many meals as possible! Fresh mozzarella and a rich balsamic vinaigrette are the perfect pairing for sweet-tart slices of stone fruit.

How to set up a fresh and fun pool party

Cool poolside treats: Homemade ice pops

Ice pops, poolside? You're going to score all the points with the fam for this. These sweet treats are basically a berry yogurt bowl in ice pop format. Tip: They do need to freeze overnight, so plan ahead and reap the rewards the next day.

Fresh serving options: Set up a hot dog bar

Sausages and hot dogs are barbecue crowd-pleasers-but everybody likes them a slightly different way. Here's an easy solution: Set up a DIY hot dog bar so guests can build their own dream dogs. Stocked with a variety of buns, garnishes and condiments, it lets everyone make delicious custom combos.

Fresh, cool drink: Whipped strawberry lemonade

Inspired by both the classic greyhound cocktail and that whipped-drink craze that's trending on social media, this creamy frozen strawberry lemonade is cool and decadent-a great combination.

How to plan a picnic

Think portability: Thai-Style Noodle Salad

Prepare with portability in mind with this cold salad! Ready in 30 minutes, this salad is fresh, crunchy, and cool (the closest you get to the heat is turning on the kettle-that's it). Tip: If you're looking to add protein, it pairs well with tofu, chicken, or shrimp.

Think easy assembly: Panache Brisket Burger

These easy sliders are light on the cooking requirements, so if you're trying to beat the heat in the kitchen or you don't want to cook, they're the answer. To assemble: layer brisket on toasted brioche buns with slaw, briny pickle and-if you want-fresh crisp microgreens. Bon appétit!

Simple serving dishes: Portable berry cheesecake parfait

Instead of a parfait glass, build these parfaits in sealable mason jars to take along on your picnic! Layer buttery graham cracker crumbs with an easy cream cheese base and fresh berries. That's it!

How to win at long weekends

Bring your A-game to the BBQ with fresh burger recipes! With this list you can make each burger one to remember this summer; from a steak-night surf and turf burger to an egg, beef and hash brown brunch burger, and more.

Sauce up grilled vegetables: Avocado-Tahini Herb Dressing

The sauce that adds flavour and flair with herbaceous nuttiness. A handy tool to leverage throughout summer, this velvety green sauce is great over simple grilled vegetables, in summery salad bowls, or drizzled over grilled meats.

Step up your shortcake: Strawberry shortcake ice cream sundae

Give your summer ice cream sundaes a makeover with the bright, sunny flavour of lemon sugar cookies, strawberry shortcake light ice cream, ripe strawberries and more! Simply layer and scoop to your heart's content and top with syrup, granola and a fresh berry!


Compliments Strawberry Shortcake Light ice cream + Compliments Strawberry Flavoured Sundae Syrup + fresh sliced strawberries + Compliments Mixed Berry Granola + Lemon Sugar Cookie crumbled between layers and on top.

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