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The holidays are always jam-packed with things to do, so why not let us help you out with the sweet treats? Keep our delicious baked goods on hand for parties, drop-ins, or that much needed gift-wrapping break.

1. Merry Berry Cake

Round blue platter with Merry Berry Cake with white icing, green icing leaves and red icing roses on top

Make all mouths merry with this sweet confection. Our three-layer vanilla cake is layered with pillowy sweet berry whip, coated in vanilla frosting, a melted chocolate drip and iced red roses. It's also available in single-slice format if you want to treat yourself!

2. Icebox Shortbread Cookies

Round red platter with icebox shortbread cookies laid out, and a cup of tea to the side

Our classic icebox shortbread cookies are studded with glistening pieces of coloured cherries and baked in-store. Perfect for dessert platters or served with a steaming cup of hot chocolate.

3. Mince Tarts

White side plate with mince tart on it next to large red and white striped platter of mixed holiday tarts

Nothing completes a classic dinner setting like traditional mince tarts. Made in store, these sweet and buttery, streusel-topped tarts are bite-size delights.

4. Almond Tarts

White side plate with almond tart on it next to large red and white striped platter of mixed holiday tarts

These melt-in-your-mouth tarts have an almond filling layered over a sweet raspberry and apple jelly.

5. Gingerbread House Kit

White marble surface with decorated Compliments gingerbread house on blue plate

All the tools you need for a classic gingerbread construction project. Create the tastiest house of your dreams with this kit containing icing, candy and gingerbread pieces.

6. Compliments Pumpkin Pie

White marble surface with red cooling rack, holding one pumpkin pie with a slice cut out, and one strawberry rhubarb pie with a slice cut out

No holiday table would be complete without a traditional pumpkin pie. Ours is custardy, smooth, and delivers delicious pumpkin flavour in every bite.

7. Compliments Strawberry Rhubarb Pie

White marble surface with red cooling rack, holding one strawberry rhubarb pie with a slice cut out, and a blue side plate with pie slice and red fork

Make the holidays even sweeter. Our bright red strawberry-rhubarb-filled pie is made even merrier and brighter with its sparkling coarse sugar topping.

8. Artisan-style Prairie Harvest Multigrain Loaf

Loaf of Artisan-style Prairie Harvest Multigrain Loaf cut in half, with one section standing cut-side down on wooden cutting board

No time to bake bread at home? Safeway has the perfect Prairie Harvest Multigrain you knead to be a rising star this holiday season. Made with grains and seeds, this soft artisanal creation will soon be a table staple.

9. Freshly Baked Cookies

metal spatula with a freshly baked chocolate chip cookie on it

Leave something special for Santa this year. Our freshly baked cookies come in a variety of types (but we're partial to this classic chocolate chip). All that's missing is a glass of milk.

10. All-Butter Croissants

 counter with parchment-lined cookie sheet of freshly baked butter croissants

We get it, Christmas morning can be hectic. Why not have these freshly baked and flaky croissants ready to go? All you have to do is pop them in the microwave. Find 5 ways to turn them into a breakfast no one will forget here.

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