Blood Pressure Management

We have in-store Blood Pressure stations. Get a smart card to help you keep track of up to ten readings.


Rx Blood Pressure Machine with Customer 560x428
Do you have high blood pressure? Safeway Pharmacies have Blood Pressure machines and the Hypertension smart card program to help you manage your blood pressure.

Blood Pressure Machine

Every Safeway Pharmacy has an instore blood pressure machine to help you monitor and manage your blood pressure. The PharmaSmart PS-2000 blood pressure kiosk utilizes a patented swivel cuff that fits for over 88% of customers, displays the results on a colour monitor, and will also print out a single result.

Safeway Hypertension Management Smart Card

We offer our Safeway hypertension management smart card which makes tracking and managing your hypertension simple and easy. Each time you use the Safeway hypertension management smart card with our blood pressure machines, it provides for you the following benefits:

  • Prints out your last 10 results.
  • Calculates the averages of your diastolic/systolic/pulse for your last 10 results so that you don't have to.
  • You can share this valuable "in between physician visits" information with your pharmacist and your physician to help them counsel and manage your hypertension effectively and to make sure your medications are working properly.
  • Records information in a completely private and confidential manner.
Our pharmacy staff will be happy to get you your own Safeway hypertension management smart card to show you how this program works!

Guiding Principles of Hypertension Management

  1. Management is tailored to the individual based on level of risk and other personal factors. 
  2. Lifestyle changes are very important. The patient should be involved in self-care. 
  3. More than one medication is usually needed to gain the most benefit of treatment. 
  4. Helping people stick to treatment plans is critical to success. 

Facts about Blood Pressure

  • High blood pressure is a serious health risk
  • Hypertension is the word used to describe high blood pressure, it has nothing to do with indicating nervousness or being highly stressed. 
  • Most people who learn their blood pressure is high have no symptoms & may not even be under much stress 
  • 1 in 5 Canadians have high blood pressure
  • High blood pressure is treatable and treatment can prevent much potential damage 
  • Exercise can help lower blood pressure
  • Reducing salt and alcohol intake can decrease blood pressure
  • Eating a diet rich in calcium and potassium can help reduce blood pressure