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Refilling your prescription is as easy as picking up the phone!


Refilling your prescription by phone is as easy as dialing the phone number of your local Safeway Pharmacy!

Call in refill requests 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
The E•Z-Rx Telephone System at Safeway Pharmacy makes your life a lot easier.


How to Use the E•Z Rx System

When you call your Safeway Pharmacy you will hear the following message. "Thank you for calling Safeway Pharmacy located at (address of the pharmacy you are calling)." If you know the option number you need, you may enter it at any time. Rotary callers, please hold for assistance.

  1. To refill a prescription, PRESS 1
  2. If this is a prescribing doctor's office, PRESS 2
  3. For store hours and information, PRESS 3
  4. To speak to a Pharmacy staff member, PRESS 4
  5. To Refill a Prescription You will be asked to enter your 7-digit prescription number.
  6. You will hear the first 4 letters of your last name. If this is correct, PRESS 1. If not, PRESS 2 to re-enter the number.
  7. If you would like additional refills PRESS 1. If not, PRESS 2.
  8. If you PRESS 2, you will be told when your prescription will be ready.
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