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We've got 21 holiday essentials to make sure everyone on your Nice List this year has their taste buds thrilled. We have some new sweet treats for you to try, and some savoury classics for you to warm up to.

Bake Shop

When you need a treat that's sweet but don't have the time to bake one from scratch, we've got you covered. Pick up a crowd-pleasing classic or a fun new holiday favourite.

White marble surface with red cooling rack, holding one strawberry rhubarb pie with a slice cut out, and a blue side plate with pie slice and red fork

Compliments 8" Pumpkin Pie

Looking to be the centre of attention? Watch as everyone serves themselves a slice (or two) of this creamy and decadent Pumpkin Pie.

A fully decorated gingerbread house sits upon a light blue plate.

Compliments 8" Strawberry Rhubarb Pie

Add festive cheer to any dessert table. Bright red strawberry rhubarb filling topped with sparkling coarse sugar tastes just as festive as it looks.

white cake on white cake stand with red rosette icing being decorated by green floral icing

Compliments Gingerbread House Kit

The sweetest winter tradition (and easiest home reno ever) - constructing the most incredible gingerbread house. This kit comes with everything you need to build the holiday house of your sweet-tooth's dreams.

sheet tray of icebox cookies with one being lifted by a spatula

Merry Berry Cake

This delicious three-layer vanilla cake is made merrier with sweet berry whip dolloped in between.

mince tarts on a cooling rack

Icebox Cookies

Baked in-store, these classic icebox cookie with pieces of colored cherries are the perfect addition to hot cocoa time. The most difficult part about them will be deciding how many are left out for Santa.

mince tarts on a cooling rack

Mince Tarts

Tasty bite-sized mince tarts are a simple appetizer to please a crowd. Baked in-store and topped with deliciously flakey streusel.

White side plate with almond tart on it next to large red and white striped platter of mixed holiday tarts

Almond Tarts

Our scrumptious almond tarts are made even sweeter with a filling of sweet raspberry apple jelly.

Loaf of Artisan-style Prairie Harvest Multigrain Loaf cut in half, with one section standing cut-side down on wooden cutting board

Artisan-style Prairie Harvest Multigrain Loaf

No time to bake bread at home? Safeway has the perfect Prairie Harvest Multigrain you knead to be a rising star this holiday season. Made with grains and seeds, this soft artisanal creation will soon be a table staple.

Try Now

Make sure these great tasting holiday treats are on your shopping list. Great tastes for a crowd, or for when you need a wrapping break.

Carton of Panache Mistletoe Wish Ice Cream

Mistletoe Wish Ice Cream

The dessert that should be on-top of everyone's wish list. This frosty peppermint-flavoured ice cream features a delectable fudge swirl throughout and colourful icing flakes for extra holiday fun.

Tub of Compliments Candy Cane Ice Cream

Candy Cane Ice Cream

Keep your cool with the ultimate holiday treat. Our creamy vanilla ice cream gets the ultimate holiday treatment with fun crushed candy cane pieces.

Box of Panache Peppermint Bars

Panache Pink Peppermint & Dark Chocolate Chip Mini Ice Cream Bars

Classic ice cream bars with a holiday twist! This frosty pink peppermint-flavoured ice cream includes chocolate chips crunch, a smooth dark chocolatey coating.

Purple box of Panache Gruyère Cheese Swiss Demi-Twist crackers

Panache Swiss Demi-Twists

Demi-twists add the perfect crunch component to any charcuterie board or appetizer course. The best part is ours are made with real butter and cheeses. Available in Gruyère or Parmesan & Garlic.

Box of Panache Belgian Biscuit Assortment

Panache Belgian Biscuit Assortment

Gift a fancy box of these chocolate-dipped and plain Belgian biscuits, and you've made a friend for life. (Just don't expect them to share too many.)

Tin of Compliments Candy Cane White Hot Chocolate Mix

Compliments Candy Cane White Hot Chocolate Mix

Nothing beats a hot chocolate on a cold winter's night. Especially if it's made with delectable candy cane pieces for that extra festive pep.

Compliments Mistletoe Wish Cookie box

Compliments Mistletoe Wish Cookies

Your guests won't be able to resist these delectable soft festive sprinkled cookies filled with peppermint-flavoured crème. Dive in for the minty rush, and stay for the surprise fudge centre.

The Kitchen

Holiday meals shouldn't take you all day to prepare. We've got some deliciously easy holiday classics so you can spend more time with family and friends and less time fussing over food.

a top-do red plate with potato wedges and stuffing, a blue plate with a whole roasted chicken, and a side dish of macaroni salad, cranberry sauce, and fresh baked buns

Roasted Chicken Festive Meal Deal

Stressing out about making the perfect roast and remembering everyone's favourite sides? Let us do the work. Our Festive Meal Deal is ready-to-eat and includes roast chicken or pork ribs, large potato wedges, stuffing, and cranberry sauce. We'll even throw in a salad! (Select varieties available.)

baguette filled with layers roasted chicken, stuffing, cranberry sauce, gravy, mayo and shredded cabbage.

Festive Dagwood Sandwich

Our Festive Dagwood Sandwiches are made in-store daily and contain all the holiday flavours you crave. Take a bite out of layers of roasted chicken, stuffing, cranberry sauce, gravy mayo, and shredded cabbage for crunch. All loaded on a fresh in-store baked French bread (be sure to warm this one up).


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