Mobile App FAQ

Where can I get the Safeway App?

-     The Safeway App is available in the Apple App Store or in the Google Play Store – just follow the installation instructions.

Is the Safeway App free?

-     Yes.

How do I make sure I see my local Safeway flyer?

-     Use the ‘Store Locator’ map to select your local Safeway and ‘Set as favourite’ store.

How often does the flyer get updated?

-     Every week your local Safeway flyer will be updated with the latest offers, store news, and events.

How does ‘My Offers’ work?

-     Every week, Safeway sends you personalized digital coupons that can be loaded directly to your AIR MILES® card.  When you purchase these products in-store, you’ll earn savings and rewards in the form of discounts and Bonus Miles.    

How do I sign up for ‘My Offers’?

-     First, open the ‘My Offers’ tab and enter your AIR MILES® collector number into the app, then you’ll receive personalized offers and be able to earn AIR MILES® Bonus Miles.    

How do I sign in to ‘My Offers’?

-     All you need is your AIR MILES® card! If you already have one, simply sign in by entering your card number in the ‘My Offers’ section of the Home Screen or the main navigation.

How do I load offers?

-     We automatically load your offers for you. All you have to do is start shopping to start saving!

How will I know when a new offer is available?

-     A notification will be sent to your phone every week when your new batch of personalized offers is ready.  If you haven’t allowed notifications already, tap ‘More’ on the main navigation, then tap ‘Settings’ and ‘Allow notifications’.

What if I don’t have an AIR MILES® card, can I still use ‘My Offers’?

-     No, but it’s easy to sign up for an AIR MILES® card at your local Safeway store, where a staff member will be happy to assist you. Online, visit to enroll, where you’ll receive a temporary card you can use until a permanent AIR MILES® card is mailed to you. 

Will I get notifications about new offers and AIR MILES® rewards?

-     Once you activate 'Allow notifications' in the ‘Settings’ menu, Safeway’s real-time notifications will keep you up-to-date with all our offers to help you save more.        

How does the shopping list work?

-     You can manually input items into your shopping list or you can add ingredients to your list from recipes in the 'See all recipes' section.

How do I turn off the app notifications?

-     Go to the ‘Settings’ menu and un-check ‘Allow notifications’.