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Breakfast croissants

Bake Shop Croissant Waffles

Croissant Waffles

The breakfast mash-up you don't want to miss! Two of your favourite breakfast dishes come together in a 4-ingredient waffle that might just change Sunday mornings forever.

Instructions: Cut 4 Bake Shop 100% Butter Croissants in half horizontally, leaving a hinge on one side. Whisk 3 large eggs with ¾ cup (175 mL) milk and ¼ tsp (1 mL) cinnamon in a baking dish. Soak croissants in egg mixture, letting mixture inside as well. Let stand, flipping halfway, 3 mins. Brush pre-heated waffle iron with melted butter, then arrange one or two croissants on iron. Cook until golden, 4 to 5 mins. Repeat with remaining croissants. Serve croissant waffles warm with maple syrup, jam, whipped cream and fresh berries.

Brunch croissants

Bake Shop Ham And Cheese Croissant Strata

Double Ham and Cheese Croissant Strata

Why use day-old bread to make your brunch strata when you can use leftover 100% butter croissants? (If leftover croissants are a thing at your house.) Meet the Double Ham and Cheese Croissant Strata, with layers of honey ham, cheddar cheese, and Black Forest Smoked Ham. Get the recipe.

Croissant Topped Corn Pudding

Croissant-Topped Corn Pudding

With a tender texture that falls somewhere in between a springy moist slice of bread and an airy, delicate scoop of soufflé, this pudding is a savoury star for the brunch table. Serve alongside a green salad as a vegetarian brunch main, or save it for dinnertime and serve it with roasted asparagus and ham. Get the recipe.

Dessert croissants

Speedy Almond Croissants

Speedy Almond Croissants

These sweet almond-topped croissants are easy to make. Ready in just 25 minutes, it's as simple as spreading sliced Bake Shop 100% Butter Croissants with a two-ingredient filling (butter, meet marzipan), adding an almondy-icing sugar drizzle and baking it all to meld the flavours together and get a gentle crisp. (Get this croissant dessert idea into your recipe rotation, stat. You won't be disappointed.) Get the recipe.

Bake Shop Bosto Cream Croissants

Boston Cream Croissants

A custardy filling, chocolatey topping and flaky, buttery foundation? Say no more. (This might just be the ultimate dessert croissant idea.)

Instructions: Cut 4 Bake Shop 100% Butter Croissants in half horizontally. Spread melted Compliments Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips over tops of croissants, then refrigerate on a plate until chocolate is slightly firm, 15 mins. Meanwhile, stir 1 pkg (1 L) Compliments Whipped Topping with 1 pkg (99 g) Compliments Vanilla-Flavoured Instant Pudding and ¼ cup (60 mL) milk in a large bowl until mixture is no longer grainy. Stir in more milk if you prefer a smoother consistency. Spread or pipe cream over bottom halves of croissant, then sandwich with top halves.

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