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As one of Western Canada’s largest food retailers, seafood is an important component in our offering to help customers Eat Better, Feel Better and Do Better. 

Our goal is to ensure that seafood is available to meet the needs of today’s customers and, equally important, is available to meet the needs of tomorrow’s customers. We understand that protecting the long-term health of ocean ecosystems is necessary to ensure the continued viability of the species we source as well as to supporting the economies of the communities we source from, many of whom are in Canada.

Proud to Offer Sustainable Choices

Safeway offers a range of products recommended by the Ocean Wise® seafood program. Good examples are farmed scallops, mussels, clams, and oysters. These shellfish require no special feed, have a very low impact on the environment, and can help improve the water quality of their surroundings. In fact, oysters can filter up to 15/L of water an hour! Our continued support of these farmed shellfish is a sign of our commitment to providing seafood that can be enjoyed by generations to come.

Eliminating Unsustainable Species

At Safeway, we no longer sell several unsustainable species that play essential roles in ocean ecosystems and that are now threatened. The list includes blue fin tuna, yellowfin tuna, all species of shark, Atlantic halibut, Chilean sea bass and orange roughy.

Keeping Our Oceans Healthy

Protecting our oceans is critical for maintaining the health of our planet and the availability of seafood for future generations. At Safeway, our commitment to sustainability is straightforward as we actively manage our complete seafood assortment so that we will not sell any species that have major sustainability issues associated with them.

Examples of our commitments to keeping our oceans healthy include not sourcing species listed as Endangered or Critically Endangered by the International Union of Concerned Scientists (IUCN or sourcing seafood from suppliers known as harvesting through illegal, unreported or unregulated fishing.

Safeway takes it role as a steward of our natural resources seriously. We aim to develop an unrivaled reputation for pursuing growth through leadership in environmentally, socially and ethically responsible business practices.

That’s why we’ve partnered with the Ocean Wise seafood program, Canada’s national program for sustainable seafood. The Ocean Wise symbol on a seafood item gives our customers assurance they’re making an ocean-friendly seafood choice.

Through a joint effort with Ocean Wise, we’re continually educating our staff and customers on environmental issues. We follow through on this commitment in our buying decisions, ensuring that we source seafood from our suppliers whenever possible.