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PLEASE NOTE: Sponsorship and donation inquiries from the United States should be directed to:
Provincial and Regional Donations and Sponsorships

Safeway welcomes all donation requests in writing using the application form. With over 100,000 non-profit organizations in Canada, economic realities are such that we must limit our participation to initiatives that best match Safeway's objectives. Safeway's giving priorities primarily focus on building healthy communities by supporting human health and nutrition, hunger prevention, people with disabilities and community based activities. Safeway, by policy, does not support:

  • Individuals
  • Community or goodwill advertising
  • Endowments
  • Trips and tours
  • Film, video and television productions
  • Conferences, seminars, workshops and conventions
  • Service groups and third party fundraisers
  • Publications
  • Initiatives not active within our operating area
  • Private clubs
  • Professional or technical associations
  • Social functions and events (i.e. weddings, birthday parties)

Please limit contributions to a one-time donation during any year for any one organization.

Apply for Support

Please visit your local store for in-kind product donations under $100. To apply for a donation, all requests must be provided using the application form and delivered to the attention of the Store Manager of your local Safeway store. Only requests for the immediate surrounding community will be considered by the Store Manager, and multiple store donation requests are not permitted.
Donations exceeding $100 should be submitted using the application form and emailed to:

If your organization is looking to apply for a discount for a bulk order of Safeway gift cards, please visit here. Discounts are available on orders over $2,000 and applied at the time of order.