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We’ve partnered with Infarm to bring you fresh produce. Each modular farming unit at select Safeway stores is a local ecosystem that cre...

Sterling Silver

Hand-selected | Well-marbled | Aged to perfectionThe Top 2/3 of AAA. What does it mean?The AAA label refers to the amount of marbli...

Toppers & Condiments to Dress Every Dog & Burger

Toppers & Condiments to Dress Every DogLearn More...

Leftover Turkey Recipes

Have a lot of holiday leftovers? Discover recipes for leftover turkey, stuffing and sides from Safeway. ca. Get recipes, cooking tips & more with Safeway.

How to Organize a Burger Party

A DIY burger party is a fun way to entertain your guests. Learn how to set up, organize and execute a successful burger party today at Safeway. ca