Savoury Chicken and Cornbread Cobbler



Without nuts

Nutritional Facts Per Serving

35 g
22 g
3 g
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Nutritional Facts

1 4
  • Amount For Serving % Daily Value
  • Calories 360
  • Lipides 15 g
    • Saturated fat  8 g
  • Cholesterol 140 mg
  • Sodium  890 mg
  • Carbs 22 g
    • fiber  3 g
    • Sugar  2 g
  • Protein 35 g


  • ¾ cup fine cornmeal
  • 1 tsp baking powder
  • ½ tsp salt, divided
  • 1 egg
  • 2 cups reduced sodium chicken broth, divided
  • 3 green onions, finely chopped, divided
  • 3 tbsp butter, melted, divided
  • 1 lb boneless, skinless chicken breast, cut into small cubes
  • ½ lb mushrooms, sliced
  • ⅓ cup crumbled goat cheese


  1. Place cast-iron skillet on barbecue set to high heat. Meanwhile, in bowl, whisk together cornmeal, baking powder and ¼ tsp (1 mL) salt. In separate bowl, whisk egg with ½ cup (125 mL) chicken broth, ½ the green onion and 1 tbsp (15 mL) butter. Stir wet mixture into dry mixture until just moistened; do not over mix. Set batter aside.
  2. Add rest of butter to skillet on grill; immediately stir in chicken, mushrooms and remaining salt. Cook approx. 10 min., or until chicken is golden brown and mushrooms are tender. Stir in remaining chicken broth; allow to come to a boil. Stir in goat cheese until dissolved into sauce.
  3. Dollop cornbread batter (about 8 rounded spoonfuls) onto skillet mixture. Close barbecue lid and cook at 425 °F (220°C) 25 to 30 min., until cornbread topping is golden brown (monitor temperature and adjust flame to maintain consistent heat). Sprinkle cobbler with remaining green onion to serve.

  • Prepare this dish indoors in a skillet set over medium heat ; after cornbread batter is added, bake in preheated 425°F (220°C) oven 20 to 25 min.

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