Easy Holiday Menus

2016 holiday brochure
Hosting the main holiday meal this year? These traditional, retro, and seafood menus provide all the recipes and preparation ideas and tips that you’ll need for a perfect meal.
Everyone looks forward to sitting down to holiday dinner with family and friends. Here are three unique menus that all feature seasonal flavours and ingredients for a familiar taste of the holidays. We’ve included lots of tips and preparation ideas too, so each meal is easier to prepare than you think.

Traditional Menu: A Classic Christmas

Harken back to yuletides past with a perfectly prepared turkey and all the memorable trimmings and sides.

  • Brie is an elegant start to the meal and so simple to prepare. Serve with crackers and sliced apple.
  • Ultimate Roast Turkey uses a classic herb-butter rub to succulently flavour the bird. To carve picture-perfect turkey slices, remove the drumsticks and legs before carving the breast.
Sides Dessert
  • Try our Apple Pie Cookies – a dessert that combines two classic sweets. Topped with apple pie filling and finished with a mini lattice crust, these cookies are pretty and delicious.


Retro Menu: Serve up Nostalgia

Traditional flavours and herbs help make this nostalgic spread a perfect one for the holidays.


  • Compliments Shrimp Ring with Cocktail Sauce is a simply delicious retro-style appetizer.



  • Mushroom Stuffing with Bacon & Pine Nuts combines artisan-style bread with sliced mushrooms, bacon and other satisfying ingredients. For a moister stuffing, add extra chicken stock or butter before baking.
  • Sensations by Compliments Caesar Supreme Salad Kit is a convenient side dish – all you have to do is toss it together. If you have the time, pick up some Caesar Dressing and add it to washed and chopped romaine lettuce; top with Compliments Caesar Croutons and freshly grated Parmesan cheese. 

Seafood Menu: Fish-Lovers’ Dinner

Start a new family tradition with a festive menu inspired by the sea.

  • An herbed goat cheese infused appetizer, Mixed Mushroom & Goat Cheese Tarts , pairs perfectly with the main course.
Main Sides
  • Roasted Vegetables Parmigiano is a scrumptious, slightly-caramelized casserole of cruciferous greens. The dish can be prepared earlier in the day, and served later at room temperature.
  • Warm from the oven, golden brown Garlic & Herb Pull-Apart Dinner Rolls are soft and fragrant. To save time, substitute with a baguette warmed in the oven at 350°F (180°C) for three to five minutes. For a modern twist, serve rolls or bread with herb butter: add a clove of crushed garlic and one tablespoon of chopped fresh dill to warm butter.
  • A decorative plate of Sensations by Compliments Mini Profiteroles made with authentic choux pastry and real cream will hit the sweet spot.