Sherwood Park Mall Grand Opening

grand opening now on
Safeway Sherwood Park Mall Grand Opening
2020 Sherwood Drive
Sherwood Park, Alberta

   Parm Cracking Event

April 29 at 2 p.m. 

Come down to your Safeway Sherwood Park Mall on Saturday, April 29 to meet our Cheese Ambassador and at 2 p.m. watch as we Crack a Parmigiano Reggiano 33kg Wheel of Italy's finest cheese. 

Plus enjoy daily samples of the world's best cheeses at your Safeway Sherwood Park Mall.

Cheese Ambassador

Questions about cheese origin, flavour, or pairings? Ask our Cheese Ambassador and get help choosing from hundreds of cheeses. Enjoy daily samples.

Hot Carvery Station

Visit our Hot Carvery Station and try our Sterling Silver Prime Rib.....slow roasted , seasoned to perfection, preparied to order.


Our bakery department has a great selection of fresh breads and buns baked everyday! We offer a wide selection of items made with only the best quality ingredients.

Safeway Kitchen

Enjoy tasty, ready to go meals that are prepared daily in our own kitchen.  From chicken and fish, to pastas and vegetables, we've done all the work so you can sit back and enjoy! Don't forget about our weekday meal deals, the perfect solution to your dinner dilemmas!

Bulk section

bulk section
Sometimes a recipe calls simply for a pinch, a dash or a shake. Buy just what you need when you need it and avoid excessive packaging.  Choose from a vast selection of organic items and a great variety of quality baking ingredients.

Wellbeing & Natural Source

wellness counsello
The Wellbeing Section of the store complements our Natural Source food section, offering thousands of natural health products. And our wellbeing counsellor will give you the support you need to achieve your wellbeing goals.

Check out these great areas:

At Safeway, we're on a mission to help Western Canadians eat better, more affordably. In addition to lower everyday prices, our store features extra experts, services and departments.

  • Hot 16" Stone Oven Pizza -  Fresh in-store made and baked hot to order! Try our new Tropical Hawaiian featuring fresh grilled pineapple, in store roasted Maple ham and smoky bacon. Or grab a quick hot slice of Peppereoni!
  • Expanded Meat section -  Choose Certified Humane; meat raised the way nature intended.
  • Expanded Seafood Section - We support sustainable practices by featuring fish that meets Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) standards. 
  • Lobster Tank - Fresh lobster here! Steamed in-store while you shop.