Lawson Heights

Safeway Lawson Heights
#1, 134 Primrose Drive
Saskatoon, SK, S7K 5S6

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Safeway extra Kitchen

Enjoy tasty, ready to go meals that are prepared daily in our own kitchen. From chicken and fish, to pastas and vegetables, we've done all the work so you can sit back and enjoy! Don't forget about our weekday meal deals, the perfect solution to your dinner dilemmas!

Expanded Bulk Section

bulk section
Expanded Bulk Foods - Check out our new bulk section. We have over 300 new items that range from organic nuts, spices and flours to a liquid island where you can get a variety of flavored vinegars, oils, honeys and syrups. Don't forget to pick up our nut butters that are freshly ground in store. 

Wellbeing & Natural Source

The Wellbeing / Natural Source Section of the store complements our Natural Source food section, offering thousands of natural health products. 

Deli/Cheese Section

Your one stop shop for premium deli meats, sliced or shaved the way you like it, family dinners made easy for you, a selection of delicious soups and sandwiches and an amazing selection of world cheeses.  Enjoy daily samples.


Our bakery department has a great selection of fresh breads and buns baked everyday! We offer a wide selection of items made with only the best quality ingredients.

In-Store Fresh Cut Produce

fresh cut fruit
Fresh in-store prepared cut fruits and melons. We choose the ripest, juiciest-tasting products and cut them so all you have to do is enjoy!

Check out these great areas:

  • Hot Carvery Station - Visit our Hot Carvery Station and try our Sterling Silver Prime Rib...slow roasted, seasoned to perfection, prepared to order
  • Full Service Meat Department - Specially selected and prepared for you!  Cut daily by our meat experts, hand trimmed for your convenience.  
  • Expanded Seafood Department - We break down the must-know info about seafood - saltwater, freshwater and shellfish - so you can buy the best, store it right and cook it with confidence.  
  • Floral Department - From cut floral bunches, to roses, to bouquets and potted plants our floral has a variety of blooms to brighten anyone's day.
  • Starbucks - Enjoy your favourite coffee and espresso beverages along with thoughtful food pairings for a symphony of delicious flavours.  Meet our baristas today for a handcrafted experience.  

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