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We've partnered with Infarm to bring you fresh produce. Each modular farming unit at select Safeway stores is a local ecosystem that creates the ideal environment required for fresh greens and herbs to flourish. TASTE: Freshness at your fingertips so yo...

A guide to the different types of root vegetables

Learn more about the winter vegetables lining shelves this season, from carrots and turnips to bold beets, crisp kohlrabi and tasty parsnip (try it as fries).

Dark Leafy Greens

Get to know a new set of dark leafy greens with important nutrients and great flavour (and save that head of lettuce for tomorrow night’s Caesar salad).

Toppers & Condiments to Dress Every Dog & Burger

Toppers & Condiments to Dress Every DogLearn MoreRed Chimichurri SauceView RecipeLearn MoreUltimate Cara...

Leftover Turkey Recipes

Have a lot of holiday leftovers? Discover recipes for leftover turkey, stuffing and sides from Safeway. ca. Get recipes, cooking tips & more with Safeway.

How to Organize a Burger Party

A DIY burger party is a fun way to entertain your guests. Learn how to set up, organize and execute a successful burger party today at Safeway. ca