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Oat Biscuits with Cheddar & Chives

Our Oat Biscuits with Cheddar & Chives recipe is a perfect addition to any dinner. So flaky and delicious! Get it at Sobeys.

Devilled Eggs with Chives

Try our Devilled Eggs with Chives recipe for our take on a classic appetizer dish. The sundried tomatoes and chives add just the right pop of flavour. So Yummy!

Flavours of the world: BBQ skewer recipes

Travel around the world in 80 BBQ skewers! Find flavour inspiration here to feed the grill—and your family—all summer long. Read more at Safeway. ca.

Prepare Your Fridge for Spring: Tasty Ways to Savour Every Drop

Crispy chickpeas are a plant-based protein that adds great flavour and crunch to snack- and meal-time. Learn how to make crispy chickpeas at Safeway. ca

Cooking hacks for every cut of chicken

Shake things up in the kitchen with our guide to chicken cuts; discover recipes and cooking hacks for everything from drumsticks to chicken breasts.

Your essential spice guide

This guide takes you through 17 spices that are essential pantry staples. Learn more at Safeway. ca so you can cook up a world of flavour in your next dish.

Holiday side dishes

Crowd-pleasing sides to round out your holiday dinner menu!

18 Ways to Maximize the Flavour of Your Fall Produce

18 ways to maximize the flavour of your fall produceRoast it, mash it, have it for dessert. The fall harvest is delivering amazing root vegetables and squash - here's how to use it to its best advantage.Share This ArticleAmazing...

Hearty breakfasts to boost your morning routine

From bright smoothie recipes to hearty breakfasts, here are five breakfast ideas to start your morning.


The chill zoneMake the most of summer with simply delicious meal ideas the whole family will love.Get Outside, Get GrillingFresh & SeasonalSummer Meals Made EasyStay Cool Get Outside, Get GrillingFresh & SeasonalSumme...


We've partnered with Infarm to bring you fresh produce. Each modular farming unit at select Safeway stores is a local ecosystem that creates the ideal environment required for fresh greens and herbs to flourish. TASTE: Freshness at your fingertips so yo...

Vegetarian Recipes for the Holidays

Make your guests embracing a vegetarian diet feel welcome and comfortable with these delicious vegetarian recipes for the holidays from Safeway.